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Regarding to the walkie talkie, two way radio products, we usually offer one to two years warranty time. Six months for standard accessories.

When user's Walkie talkie meet problem, please checking Trouble Shooting Guide in the manual or as check below information.

If the problems still happen again, please initialization operation to avoid some incorrect operation. Certinely, you can choose to contact our service staff directly, we will try our best to solve your annoyance. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience bring to you.


Problem one: The transceiver is no power?

Solve way: 

  •     The battery may be exhausted, please change other new battery or re-charged it.

  •     The battery was not installed correctly, please re-install.

Problem two: The battery standby is too short to use?

Solve way: 

  •     The battery life is over, please change a new battery.
  •     The battery is not fully charge.

Problem three: The receiving light keeps flashing, but there is no sound coming out

Solve way: 

  •     Make sure the volume is high test.
  •     Make sure the CTCSS/DCS setting are the same as the transmitting transceiver.


Problem four: The keyboard does not work

Solve way: 

  •     Make sure if the keypad is locked or not
  •     Make sure if the keys are not stuck

Problem five: In standby, the transceiver is transmit automatically without pressed PTT

Solve way:

  • Make sure if VOX function is ON or not, if choose right level.

Problem six: Some functions can not be stored normally

Solve way: 

  • Some menus need to use programming software edit and then can be storage.

Problem seven: There are other disturbed signals or noise (from other groups) in the channel

Solve way: Please reset your CTCSS/DCS frequencies group.