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Common Questions

  • Q What is the warranty on the products?

    A  All radios have a one year over-the-counter exchange warranty(from date of purchase).
  • Q Why sometimes received voice from other groups?

    A Two way solutions. You can change another channel or change another channel frequency by PC software.
  • Q Can't transmit or receiver signal with other members?

    A  First, please verify that the channel frequency and the CTCSS you are used the same as those of your group members. Please make sure that you and your partners are all within the radio coverage, If the channel frequency and the CTCSS are the same.
  • Q Can’t turn on talky and even it is switch on, it often shuts off automaticall

    A Please check the battery contacts on the walkie talkie. If it is broken or twisted, please return the radio to your authorized dealer for maintenance during warranty.
  • Q Why sometimes your partner's voice is intermittent?

    A  Please note that you are within normal communication range, If you want use radio in distance range, please change other antenna with a bigger output power.
    If still same problem, please send the radio back to your authorized dealer repair.
  • Q What’s the advantage of your digital walkie talkie?

    A  Whatever D-3000, D-2000 and 200d digital walkie talkie all can talk with MOTOROLA / MOTOROBO radios. Chierda will offer related programming software and programming cable before shipping. But we suggest use same model radio will working better. 
  • Q Which is better – VHF or UHF?

    A Depends on the terrain. The UHF signal is attenuated or absorbed by foliage, rough terrain and trees, VHF does better outdoors. The VHF has difficulties penetrating steel and concrete, UHF does better in and around buildings. If you use the radios in both environments, we prefer using UHF band.
  • Q Do current Chierda models talk to older models and other brands?

    A Yes, as long as the frequencies and codes match. All analog radios talk to analog radios not including digital model.
  • Q Is it easy to program the radios?

    A Yes. The CLS, RDX, and DTR radios are field programmable. We are able to supply a simple initial set up guide along with troubleshooting information which includes the simple steps to program the radios.
  • Q What’s the talk range of your walkie talkie?

    A The talk range of talkie effected by the city buildings, elevator, obstacles, basic station and tower, movements speed, seal of the car etc.

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