10W high-power waterproof dual-segment digital walkie-talkie

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HD1 digital walkie-talkie is a high-end digital dual-segment walkie-talkie, with IP67 high waterproof, strong confidentiality and a multi-function walkie-talkie with GPS. If you are looking for a digital walkie-talkie that can be matched with a big brand (Motorola), then This HD1 is a good choice. 10W high power can reach a communication distance of 1-15km, without fear of call obstruction. IP67’s high waterproof function and dual frequency bands can adapt to a variety of places of use and the needs of people. At the same time, HD1 also has GPS function and FM radio, which is a feature that outdoor enthusiasts and walkie-talkie enthusiasts like very much.

HD1 parameters:HD1 is a 10W digital dual-segment walkie-talkie, with UHF and VHF at the same time, with a distance of up to 1-15km. As a DMR digital machine, it supports digital-analog integration, namely analog mode and digital mode. This machine has 3000 channels, 100,000 contacts, and can display 32 IDs at the same time. At the same time, a large battery capacity of 2900mAh is standard, and the standby time can be as long as 250h. Standard with IP67 waterproof function.

HD1 has 2 knobs, one is a switch knob, which can switch the walkie-talkie and adjust the volume; the channel knob can be rotated 360° to switch channels. At the same time HD1 also has a high-definition LCD screen and keyboard operation, you can directly change the frequency and menu settings through the keyboard, very simple and fast.

HD1 features:

  1. 10w high power , long range distance
  2. Dual band display , time display
  3. IP67 Waterproof
  4. Dmr digital model and analog mode support
  5. CTCSS/DCS for analog and Color code for digital
  6. Voice companding function
  7. Gps function optional

Compared with most traditional/market 10W radios, the advantage of this walkie-talkie lies in its super functions. It combines long-distance, dual-segment, digital-analog integration, IP67 waterproof and GPS functions on one machine, which is competitive. powerful.

Military, public security, security, ambulance, public utilities and other government departments, taxi dispatch, security, property management, construction sites, hotels, restaurants, construction industry and other civilian occasions. Seaside, fishing boat, outdoor rescue, outdoor sports
Large markets in Europe, America and Africa

Since this walkie-talkie is a highly waterproof walkie-talkie, it is different from other walkie-talkies. HD1 uses a pin connector to prevent water from entering. Therefore, related accessories (which can be displayed together), such as hand microphones, earphones, etc., require pin connectors. If you are using it in a group, you can also use the related six-way punch, which is convenient and quick. HD1 can also be connected to an external Bluetooth device to realize the Bluetooth function. Of course, if customers prefer Kenwood connectors, we can also provide pin-type to Kenwood connectors.

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