10W Mini Portable Movable Repeater

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There are two versions of mini repeater, one is V9 (10W analog repeater), the other is V9D (10W repeater with digital-analog integration, both digital mode and analog mode). The mini repeater can increase the distance of the walkie-talkie and is convenient to carry. It is a good choice for you to increase the distance.

The mini repeater has a power of 10W, uses a 12-24V power supply, and has 16 channels that can be used. It can be used in UHF/VHF/GMRS frequency bands. It can be used with Chierda’s 10W walkie-talkie, and the distance can reach 25-30km. The built-in duplexer can be directly connected to 1 antenna, without additional duplexer, and no need to use 2 antennas, without any additional cost.

First of all, the design of the mini repeater is a small repeater, which is light and fast, and can be hand-held or placed in a small space. With LCD screen and buttons, you can directly switch channels, see the frequency of the current channel and CTCSS. For other repeaters, if you need to see the frequency, you need to write the frequency and read it out, but Chierda’s mini repeater can be viewed directly on the LCD screen. At the same time, there are antenna interface and hand microphone/data line interface on the side。

Advantages of mini repeater

  1. The mini repeater with IP67 waterproof structure is suitable for multi-purpose and multi-purpose use, such as outdoor sports, outdoor rescue use, fishing boats, sea and so on.
  2. The metal shell is sturdy and durable;
  3. It can be used with a hand microphone. Turn the mini repeater into a control center to keep track of the conversation status of the intercom below.
  4. It can be matched with a repeater backpack and a mobile power supply to increase the distance anytime and anywhere. It is the best communication choice for outdoor travel, hiking, and adventure.
  5. The LCD screen and buttons make the operation of the repeater easier and faster.
  6. Has DMR&Anloge mode and Only-Analog mode for choose Compared with ordinary repeaters, this repeater is suitable for some occasions where the distance needs to be increased by 20-30km. The price is cheaper than high-power repeaters, and it can be carried without having to be fixed in one place all the time.

Where are the mini repeaters used?

Military, public security, security, ambulance, public utilities and other government departments, taxi dispatch, security, property management, construction sites, hotels, restaurants, construction industry and other civilian occasions. Seaside, fishing boats, outdoor rescue, outdoor sports, group use, etc.

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