Advantages of Two-Way Radios with Bluetooth Capabilities

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Bluetooth is included on many of the leading two-way radios and offers a number of benefits. For one it allows hands-free communication, which is vital in some industries, for instance cab drivers that are required to talk hands free at all times while behind the wheel. Other hands-on industries don’t have time to pick up a device to talk either, in which case the freedom of Bluetooth is very valuable.

Bluetooth capabilities naturally increase the cost of a particular two-way radio.  More and more users are searching for two way radios with blue-tooth, and sellers are starting to market it. This could be a benefit from using a Bluetooth compatible radio system.

Bluetooth is highly recommended for first responders, or those providing speedy services that rely on swift communication to get the job done right. Bluetooth is also great for employees that typically have their hands preoccupied throughout the day, say for instance construction workers or fleet drivers.

Some signs that Bluetooth will provide enough benefits to pay for itself include:

No need to purchase headsets or microphones to accessorize two-way radios., using blue-tooth earpiece will keep productivity

Employees need to move quickly and can’t afford to be held back by invasive equipment.

Chierda starts to offer two-way radios with Bluetooth. One of these models is Chierda’s CD-101. This two-way radio literally offers every last feature you could ever want. The CD-101 is packed with all of the goodies, including Bluetooth, scrambler, frequency hopping etc,. This model is considered the perfect integration of a smart phone and a reliable radio. The rigid design of this model keeps it durable despite all of its fancy accessories.

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