Are 5000km 4G walkie talkies real?

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Are you still struggling with the limited range of your walkie-talkie, where communication is limited to just a few kilometers or perhaps a dozen kilometers? Are you facing interruptions in your communication due to location changes while you’re out, causing unstable transmission and intermittent conversations? Do you find that the talk range of traditional walkie talkies become restricted when faced with walls and multiple floors, even 10W high power walkie talkies offering only 1 or 2 kilometers of communication range?

Have you encountered these frustrating issues? Traditional wireless two way radios, while indispensable compared to mobile phones, do indeed face limitations when it comes to range. How can we meet the characteristics of walkie talkies while maximizing their range? Wouldn’t it be great if walkie talkies could cover intercity communication? So, do walkie talkies that can achieve intercity communication really exist in real life?

The answer is, of course, yes. There is now a type of walkie-talkie available in the market that claims to reach up to 5000 kilometers. Yes, you heard it right, it can indeed reach 5000 kilometers. But how does it work?

The 5000-kilometer walkie-talkie is essentially a POC device, utilizing cellular mobile networks for wireless communication. It sends call requests and communication data to cloud servers via 2G/3G/4G/5G networks. The cloud servers then forward received user requests to the target recipient users. Finally, after decoding by the walkie-talkie, the conversation is transmitted through the speaker.

Compared to traditional walkie talkies, Poc radios have unrestricted communication range. As long as both devices are within the coverage of the wireless network signal of the same service provider, two Poc radio can achieve intercity and even nationwide communication. Additionally, Poc radios offer features such as one-on-one calling, group calling, and conference calling, making them perfect for dispatch-related work.

Since Poc radios offer such powerful functionality, you might be curious about their cost. Can our team’s budget afford them? In fact, the cost of public network devices mainly includes four components: the cost of purchasing the walkie-talkies, the cost of purchasing SIM cards or data plans, the fees payable to the platform provider for platform usage, and the data usage fees for daily operation.

Compared to the high data usage fees mobile phone users often pay to their service providers, Poc radios consume relatively little data. Moreover, platform fees are annual fees that users pay to platform providers and are often offered in lifetime free packages by some platform providers.

When considering the price, it’s important to think about the product’s usage cycle and replacement frequency. A good Poc radio can accompany a customer for a lifetime, which may prove more cost-effective than buying cheap, low-quality products that need frequent replacement.

So, what can Chierda, a professional walkie-talkie manufacturer with 35 years of experience in the wireless communication industry, offer you?

  1. Efficient and convenient service, ensuring clear and prompt communication between you and us, as well as within your team while using our devices.
  2. Our Poc radios support features like Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, dispatch, platform recording, and GPS positioning, meeting your various communication needs.
  3. Chierda’s Poc radios are compatible with mainstream platforms such as Zello, Real PPT and Postar , and can also support custom platforms for B2B users. In addition, Chierda’s overseas platform “Chierda” offers lifetime free service, providing you with one-stop after-sales support.
  4. Chierda offers public network devices that can be used worldwide, covering network frequencies in 72 countries and regions, including but not limited to LTE-FDD:B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B8/B12/B13/B14/B66/B7, WCDMA:B2/B4/B5 GSM/EDGE:B3/B8 and more network frequency band.

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