Benefits of two way radios in Construction Safety

In all workplaces safety is one of the most important concern to both the employer and employees. A construction site can be a very dangerous place to be if certain safety measures are not put in place.

Almost every construction sites are full of hazards that can be easily avoided, and one of the most important tools in keeping everyone safe is good communication. Ensuring that everyone on site is aware of what is going on is as vitally important as making it a priority that everyone can be reached and contacted whilst working there.

As commonplace as mobile phones have become in today’s society in such an environment they are not necessarily the best communications tool. A two way radio is much more efficient, allowing instant communication between people fast and effectively. Because email or telephone communication are not the best choice for construction site communication.. Unlike a mobile phone, two way radios don’t need someone to answer a call, the message is relayed instantly. This can be particularly useful in such work places as building sites when a ringing phone cannot always be answered straight away.

A construction site is often a very hectic place and as well as many people walking around there is often diggers, cranes and other vehicles being driven within the area. It is not only dangerous to use a mobile phone whilst driving any vehicle it is also illegal. A two way radio is a simple solution to this issue. Not only are they are easy to use whilst driving and perfectly within the law, using them will ensure that even drivers within the workforce can be easily contacted and informed of any danger.
Good communication means a safe and productive workforce in any line of business. Within the construction industry this is truer than ever, and with many on site hazards such as heavy machinery, it is vital to use a quick and effective communication system.

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