Best optional radios for outdoor Hiking

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If let me introduce a long-distance radio for outdoor sports , such as hiking, i can find

many radios to fit this application, Like CD-528.  But when CD-108D is released, I think this model is the best option for outdoor activities.

In my point of view, to support outdoor hiking, the radio firstly must be high power, this is to

cover farther distance. CD-108D is 10Watts power ,higher power than other low power radios .

Secondly , large capacity battery is also needed, because for  the outdoor hiking, it needs to communicate frequently, and it is not easy to charge battery outdoors. So a big battery is a guarantee.  CD-108D battery capacity is 2600mAh.

Thirdly, CD-108D has a function that i like most, the super bright torch light. Suppose you are in a dart area , while your mobile phone is out of power , then the super bright torch light will guide your path. This is a built-in function , you just need to press the third side key for 3 seconds to activate . You can hear a beep sound when it is on , and press the key for 3 seconds again to shut down this function , you will hear a beep beep sound again.

Another function of CD-108D attracts me is remote alarm function. For outdoor hiking, safety is very important, when you meet a dangerous, the function plays a key role. You press the side key to active this function , and other radios around this area will receive the alarm signal ,and give beep beep warning sound,  to inform the user there is someone is in danger, need to go to rescue.

Would you like to order this model CD-108D radio? I strongly suggest you consider this model when you need a long-distance radio for outdoor hiking. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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