Best Walkie Talkie for security guards

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With the rise of the security industry, an increasing number of security companies have emerged, each specializing in various aspects of security services. Some security companies primarily focus on protecting client safety, serving as private bodyguards and often taking on assignments for large-scale entertainment events such as music festivals and major festivals, where they ensure the safety of the attendees and maintain order. Others are responsible for security property management in residential buildings, while some cooperate with local governments or law enforcement agencies in emergency rescue operations. Additionally, some security companies offer security training and safety plans for clients. In summary, the security industry is multifaceted, and the choice and use of security radios depend on specific circumstances. Next, well show you how to chose the best security radio for security team.

  1. High-power noisecancelling radios are strongly recommended for security guards who need to maintain order at large-scale event venues. This recommendation arises from the fact that at such venues, the massive congregation of people creates a dense barrier that can interfere with radio signal transmission. High-power radios, with their strong penetration capabilities, can effectively address this issue. It’s important to note that radio penetration capabilities are influenced by the radio’s antenna and power output, with higher power radios offering better penetration.

Furthermore, because event venues often have numerous electronic devices that can interfere with radio signals, we suggest using high power digital radios. Digital radios have superior resistance to interference compared to analog radios, reducing the likelihood of interruptions or static during transmission.

In addition, if budget allows, please consider radios with two-way noise-cancelling features. In large event settings, especially at music festivals, the presence of multiple sound systems, cheering crowds, and loud music can create a noisy environment, making it difficult to hear radio communications. In such cases, security guards can benefit from wearing a security walkie talkie earpiece for clearer communication. Additionally, consider using a handheld microphone for improved transmission. You can opt for noise-cancelling headsets or radios with built-in noise reduction modules for added convenience.

For example, the TC368 by Chierda is a 10W high-power two-way noise-cancelling radio with single call, group call, and all call functions. It is well-suited for use at large events like music festivals.

  • If you work for a security company primarily responsible for property security, we recommend using Poc radios. Property security requires thorough patrols throughout the entire residential area, including inspections on every floor. Buildings can create strong barriers that hinder radio signal transmission and reduce communication range. However, residential areas often have good network coverage, making Poc radios, a radio with SIM cards, which rely on networks for communication, a suitable choice.

They offer unlimited communication range, single call, group call, and broadcast call functions, facilitating internal communication within the security company. Poc radios also come with features like GPS and voice recording, catering to various operational needs. They are especially suitable for patrolling in large residential complexes and apartment communities. If the area you manage is smaller, you can consider using a combination of repeaters and radios.

  • If your security company is involved in activities related to law enforcement and emergency rescue, we recommend using digital radios. Digital radios offer strong encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of operational plans and private conversations, thus increasing the likelihood of successful missions. For emergency rescue operations, please consider the high IP67 waterproof and dustproof radios, capable of withstanding various extreme conditions.

 For instance, Chierda’s UV58 is equipped with AES256 encryption, with a moderate size and dual-band settings for versatile use in different scenarios. It has IP67 high waterproof level, single call, group call, and broadcast call functions, making the two way radio highly suitable for security guards for assignments and task scheduling within the organization.

This concludes our discussion on security radios. If you have any security radio needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a professional radio manufacturer with state-of-the-art equipment and a highly experienced sales team!

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