Best Walkie Talkies For A Cruise Ship

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Apart from seeing so many new places, the array of activities on a cruise ship makes it one of the best ways to enjoy your holiday with friends and family.

One tip regular travelers hand out is to get the very best walkie talkies for a cruise ship for your group if you want to be in constant touch with each other.

This makes a lot of sense considering how big cruise ships are these days. Getting lost is quite easy and common. With so many events planned on these cruises, coordinating your movement on board the ship becomes easier with the right communication gadgets.

Cell phones would have been convenient. But roaming charges can make them rather expensive. Besides, out on the open seas, cell phone networks are as unpredictable as the weather.

But getting the best walkie talkies for a cruise ship is not that straightforward. There are certain features and functions to look for or your time and money would have been wasted.

In this guide are five hand-held 2-way radios that would be perfect for a cruise no matter the size and complexity of the ship.

Best Walkie Talkies for a Cruise Ship: Selection Criteria

Weather/water resistant – On a cruise ship, you would be surrounded by water all the time. The atmosphere would heavy with water droplets. The ideal walkie talkie must be resistant to water in any form.

The walkie talkie you purchase must be at least JIS4-certified. This means splashing water from any direction would have no harmful effects on the performance of the radio.

If you can get a device with a higher rating, so much the better as that provides more protection against even immersion in water.

Privacy features – On cruises, many parties come along with their own walkie talkies. It is imperative that yours offers enough privacy codes so you can communicate within the group without intrusion.

The more privacy codes the device has, the higher your chances of finding unoccupied frequencies.

UHF – Steel, iron, wood and other obstacles are part of a cruise ship’s structure. You would want a radio that can either penetrate these strictures or go around them without any loss in effectiveness.

UHF devices are far more suited to communications in such surroundings that VHF.

Vibrate Alert – Vibrating alert is a nice feature that alerts users of an incoming communication. You would appreciate a device with this feature when you find yourself in a situation that requires silence all the time. With the vibration alert, you can excuse yourself and go somewhere to talk without making a nuisance out of yourself.

The feature is also handy in a very noisy environment where the beep or tone of an incoming message is drowned out by the noise. With the feature activated, the device vibrating would surely grab your attention especially if you are holding it.

Size and weight – Since you are using the walkie talkies as a substitute for your cell phones, it is important that you prioritize the weight and size. Go for compact, portable and lightweight.

And since these factors can be subjective, simply ensure that you can comfortably fit them in your pocket and don’t feel like you are being weighed down when moving with one in your pocket.

The portability should include the length of the antenna when it is attached. The length of the antenna should not be more than the height of the device. In the ideal case, an in-built antenna with good range is best.

Batteries – One problem you are not likely to encounter on a cruise ship is unavailability of power. That means you won’t have any problem with charging your device any time the battery runs down.

See that your choice comes with rechargeable batteries with a talk time of at least 8 hours.

Walkie talkies powered by disposable AA batteries would be a waste of money on a cruise ship. Only go for them if you consider the other features too exceptional to be ignored.

Other important factors

  • VOX – enhances hands-free use of the device
  • Keypad locks – to prevent accidental change of channels or activation of other functions.
  • Holster – an important accessory to aid in carrying the radio around
  • Audio quality – Radios with consistent audio clarity should be at the top of your shopping list for obvious reasons.

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