Best Walkie Talkies Used for Hunting

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Every one want to choose a good walkie talkie when they are going hunting, it is necessary to contact other when you find the target or lost in the woodland with no signal on your phone.

There have a lot choice of Two-way talkies. They are sophisticated but easy to use. It need specially designed for better clarity and range, in addition the weather-resistant.

More advanced versions of walkie-talkies for hunting even come equipped with a range of amazing features like vibration mode for incoming calls, better privacy and the like.

A professional point of view, we will talk more about best walkie talkies for hunting and help you to choose the best hunting walkie talkie.

However, it is important to mention here that you should check your state’s hunting rules as not all states allow you to go on hunting with a radio.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing the Best Walkie Talkies

It is easy to get confused while choosing the best walkie talkie for hunting especially when you are new to hunting, or if you have not used walkie-talkies before. In such an event, you might not know your requirements pretty well.

The best way to gauge you require to ask a few questions:

  • What is the major idea behind you getting a walkie-talkie? Do you need it just as a cool camping gadget or do you have any serious motives?
  • Do you need a VHF or UHF based walkie-talkie? VHF radios are more suitable for outdoor use, while UHF works fine for both indoor and outdoor uses, and is better at handling obstructions.
  • Do you want a walkie-talkie with multiple channels?
  • What about the range? How far do you need it? Most walkie-talkies provide a range of fewer than 2 miles.
  • Do you want a user-friendly walkie-talkie, or are you good with programming them?
  • What about battery and weight? Ideally, you would like a long-lasting battery and a light-weight radio.
  • How long are your hunting trips? This would mean that you need a radio with a long battery life.

With this in mind, let’s move on to the next section. We’re sure, by now, you must have a basic understanding of factors to look for while selecting a walkie-talkie. Next, let’s have a look at best walkie talkies for hunting.

Buying Guide

Before you choose any of hunting two-way radio randomly, here are a few factors you should pay enough stress on, to make sure that you make the best decision:


The general rule of thumb: more the features and better the range, lesser the battery life. Thus, to be able to make the right choice, have a right estimate of the kind of range and coverage you need. For this, keep the nature of the animal you will be hunting in mind.

Size and weight

This goes without saying, since you are buying a walkie-talkie for hunting purposes, you would not like to carry extra weight on your shoulders. Thus, prefer a walkie-talkie which is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pockets snugly.

Safety features

When you are out in the wilderness, your survival should be your first priority. Thus, make sure that your chosen radio is well-equipped with a range of safety features like SOS siren, animal call alerts, NOAA weather alerts and the like. Further, having an inbuilt LED flashlight is an additional feature you should look for, for the times when you are caught in dark woods.


No matter what equipment you buy, it has to be durable. You won’t want your walkie-talkie to break in between the trip. Would you?

Thus, in addition to durability, it should be weather-resistant as well. When you are outdoors, you never know the kind of climate you might need to handle, and your walkie talkie should support you, no matter what.


This is another important criteria to focus on. The better the range, more seamlessly you would remain connected with your hunting buddies.

Privacy codes

It is important to mention here that privacy codes would keep you private. However, they help you in preventing the interferences from outside noises and other disturbances which provide an improved voice clarity and helps you in conveying your message much faster.

Final Words

So these were the best walkie talkies for hunting. We just revealed the best choices to you. It is essential that you pick the right walkie-talkie. It would not only keep you connected but would also help you out in when you are stuck in emergencies.

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