Companies That May Benefit From Using Two Way Radios

Two Way Radios for the Construction Industry

What better way to keep in touch with every member of the building site? A Motorola radio is a good means of communication but more importantly vital for the safe running of the site.  Management, foremen and their team can have constant contact at the touch of a button. A crane driver and his banksman would also benefit from being on a separate frequency which is something we can arrange at Comsco.

Two Way Radios for Security Companies

The Motorola radio enables constant communication links in the event of an incident. We all know how important it is to have constant and instant connections between members of the same team but this need is not highlighted more than by security teams when it could literally be a matter of life and death. It is popular with pubs, concert venues and night clubs.  Many towns have a ‘pub watch’ scheme, endorsed by the local police which enables venues to readily warn other establishments of any antisocial behaviour or known trouble makers. The radio can help organise crowd control and provide reassurance that help is readily at hand.

Two Way Radios for Schools and Colleges

The Motorola radio allows messages to pass quickly around the site but also sounds the alert in the event of a medical incident or other emergency. It can be a link between the head teacher, teachers, lunchtime staff and the caretakers.  To enable the safety of the staff and children spillages can be reported straightaway, accidents can be reported and acted upon and help can be raised at the touch of a button.

Two Way Radio for Event Hire

A ‘must’ to keep everyone up to date on current happenings, crowd control and emergencies. Event hire encompasses a wide range of venues, from the small village fete to stadium events.  Every event can benefit from having two way radios to ensure not only its smooth running but also its success.  Just think of the time you could save by giving instructions over the radio rather then making endless phone calls and unnecessary trips!

Two Way Radio Hire for Film and TV Companies

Keeps everyone focused and fully aware of what they should be doing and what others are expecting of them. We understand at Comsco that time is money and how important it is that everything is done correctly first time.  Instructions can be given over the radio to ensure everyone is in the correct position and they not only know what they should be doing but what is expected of others too. Lights… Camera …. Action….. It’s a wrap!

Two Way Radio Hire for Leisure Centres

Not only are two way radios useful when keeping key members of staff in constant contact with each other but they can also be essential in an emergency situation.  We all know how easily accidents can happen and how time sensitive certain accidents can be so to be able to raise the alarm quickly and efficiently can only be a good thing, not only for the patient but also the reputation of the centre.  Waterproof radios are available too so lifeguards can also be kept up to date of potential problems and any assistance required is readily on hand.

Two Way Radio Hire for Shops and Shopping Centres

Small independent shops right the way up to large departments store chains can all benefit from using two way radios.  It is estimated that UK retailers lose in excess of £12 million a day to theft not only from shoplifters targeting their stores but also including theft by their own staff.  It is imperative that this trend is not allowed to continue as we all know that we the consumer end up paying higher prices to offset the loss.  Management and Security teams need to be in contact with each other so potential threats can be dealt with efficiently and discretely. Multi million pound security systems are put in place but information needs to reach the shop floor quickly to enable culprits to be caught. Two way radios are the obvious answer.  Many shopping centres and towns have a ‘shopwatch’ system in place, run by the local police force allowing stores to notify other stores of any problems or potential threats. This is something we are able to organise at Comsco.

Two Way Radio Hire to the Warehouse and Manufacturing Industry

Using two way radios can keep management, supervisors and  warehouse staff up to speed on any developments or potential problems.  This can only assist in improving productivity and output.  Warehouse staff can not only be contactable but can also alert someone in the event of a breakdown or hazard.

Two Way Radio Hire for Hospitals

Two way radios can assist vastly in the smooth running of a hospital, clinic or surgery.  At the touch of a button cleaners can be notified of any spillages, hospital porters can be despatched to a patient, car park attendants can notify of any problems and security can be summoned to deal with any potential trouble makers.  We all know how overworked nurses and doctors are so any aid that can make their working day less stressful can only be a good thing. Everyone deserves a safe working environment and every patient deserves the best service, two way radios can help achieve these goals

Two Way Radio Hire for Airports

A wide range of departments at an airport can benefit from using two way radios. Porters can be called to assist a disabled traveller, an engineer can be called to fix faulty equipment, supervisors can be called to placate an unhappy customer and  cleaners can be called to clear up any potential hazards.  All these things can go a long way to help provide a safe and welcoming place to start your journey.

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