Excellent tour guide system with microphone and walkie talkie

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Hi there! Are you still troubled by unclear communication within your team? Poor contact between transmitters and receivers, unclear communication between tourists and guides, resulting in a diminished tourist experience and even complaints? Have you experienced similar frustrations? As a guide, you bear the responsibility of leading and managing the team, explaining points of interest, but often find that inattentive tourists have fallen behind, and you can’t reconnect with them in time… As the support staff, do you find it chaotic every time tourist groups return the tour guide equipment? Tangled headphone wires, lost headset microphones, and the hassle of individually checking whether the guide equipment has been turned off. As a tourist, do you feel that sharing the same headset with multiple people is not very hygienic?

If you’ve encountered these issues, then come to Chierda! At Chierda, we have designed a 2.4G wireless tour guide system specifically for tourism communication and tour guide.

Our frequency band is stable, highly encrypted, and less prone to channel interference. We can also provide you with multiple spare ear cushions, ensuring regular replacement to protect your ear hygiene.

We can also offer different types of headphones to accommodate the various ear shapes of different tourists.

 Of course, we can provide you with affordable disposable headphones, further enhancing the cleanliness of the environment for passengers and reducing the burden of logistics personnel! In addition, Chierda’s wireless tour guide system has the following highlights!

  1. One-Button Frequency Matching

This feature primarily addresses issues where tourists accidentally change channels on the guide equipment, causing them to lose contact with the guide’s voice. To solve this problem, tour companies only need to provide tourists with a brief training on one-button frequency matching before departure. With a simple press of a combination key, the equipment will automatically tune to the channel where the transmitter is located, allowing lost tourists to easily re-establish contact with the guide team. Worried about getting lost or losing contact? It’s all a thing of the past! This function can to a certain extent prevent tourists from accidentally causing a bad travel experience, while ensuring the safety of tourists by maintaining communication with the guide.

  • One-Button Power Off

This feature primarily solves the problem of logistics personnel struggling to power off the guide equipment during equipment collection. With a long press of a combination key on the transmitter, you can achieve one-button power off for both the transmitter and receivers. Whether you have one receiver or a hundred, they can all be powered off together, greatly saving the time of logistics personnel and avoiding the need for manual checks to prevent situations where one or more devices are accidentally left on, causing unnecessary power consumption. It’s incredibly practical!

We can also provide features like simultaneous translation. Come and talk to us to customize your product!

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