How can Lumberjack choose the right two way radio?

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We often encounter the problem of Lumberjack asking us about walkie-talkies. Because of the particularity of the job, logging work requires special radio solutions to meet the needs of communication.

First, we need to understand the working environment of Lumberjack

We all know that logging work is generally carried out outdoors. The outdoor forest is the main workplace of loggers. Their communication, also meet obstacles such as forests and stones, and other obstacles, there is also a logger who needs to work indoors or in open areas, to do work of wood processing. So what are the requirements that the walkie-talkie needs of the lumberjack?

First of all,the talking distance requirements, this needs to be based on actual usage requirements. For example, if the distance is relatively close, about 2.0km, then you can choose a 2W radio solution, if it is about 3.0km, you can choose a 5W radio, if the call distance requires 5.0km, you can choose 10W high-power radio, if the distance is higher, then you can consider add relay system in the radio solution to extend the talk distance of the radio according to the actual situation. This method is also very common in actual work.

Second, working environment, as we all know, the job of lumberjacks is very special, they need to face noisy environment, sawdust dust, etc. In this environment, handheld walkie-talkies are very easy to get dirty. We need walkie-talkies that are easy to disassemble for timely Clean the walkie-talkie to prevent dust from affecting the call effect or affect the service life of the walkie-talkie. 

At the same time, a big speaker microphone is necessary to increase the volume.

Third, waterproofness. Outdoors, this is an issue that has to be considered, because waterproof walkie-talkies can ensure that they can be used normally even in the harsh environment of rain without being affected. Lumberjacks’ outdoor work sometimes faces the need to work in rainy weather. Therefore, the walkie-talkie used by the lumberjack needs to have a certain degree of waterproof performance, while the walkie-talkie with NOAA weather forecast function is a plus for the lumberjack.

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