How Can Two Way Radio Benefit Communication Within Hotels?

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Now ,Two Way Radios are very popular within the hospitality industry. It always provide a reliable form of communication.

Why ?

Because the two way radio can offer the effective communication,there is a fast and effective response to the requirements and needs of each hotel guest.So it can enchance the guest satisfaction. Guest satisfaction is paramount for any reputable hotelier. Poor guest satisfaction and you run the risk that your guests will not be repeat customers. So the two way radio are more and more populare within the hospitality industry.

So what the benefits of Two Way Radios for Hospitality ? Here are some for reference:

  • Cost-effective communication solution

Today’s two way radios are robust, reliable and very cost-effective to run compared with alternative solutions such as mobile phones. And when you consider the free expertise provided by RadioTrader and our first-rate repair service, the value for money is excellent.
• Improve guest experience

Social media and popular review sites put your hotel’s services firmly in the spotlight; providing guests with a five-star service has never been more important and your radio system can help you achieve this through rapid and discreet communication between departments.

Example: Reception needs to know if a newly arrived guest’s room is ready. Instant radio communication allows them to call either specific housekeeping staff on that floor or send out a group call and get an answer in seconds. The alternative is to waste precious minutes trying to reach the relevant person on the phone or shouting messages along corridors to other staff.
If a room isn’t ready yet, guests can quickly be pointed to the lounge or bar and the receptionist can radio bar staff as soon as their room is ready.

A number of hotel customers has their concierge use their digital radio’s to communicate with the reception desk so guests receive a prompt and warm welcome as they arrive.
• Inter department communication

Radios can be set up so that each hotel department has their own channel for individual communication or they can be all informed and have main group channels. For maximum flexibility certain models can also have individual call ID so every radio user can be contacted privately if required.

RadioTrader can help you programme your radios the way that best suits your business.

Also the two way radio bring many advantages in hotel industry, like Improves security、Discreet and simple accessories、Improvement on stock control and so on.

So how to choose a good two way radio for hotel ?

Normally, the two way radio has 2W、5W、10W. For hospitality,the UHF 5W output power radio can work in hospitality,it is about 3-5km.if your hotel is any larger and has between 15-20 floors, 10W two way radio (about 8-12km) or a repeater is required.

Hotel two-way radio systems allow staff to communicate with each other and provide effective management across departments. Whether it is a small boutique hotel or a large resort, two way radios for hotel staff will help increase efficiency and the day-to-day running of operations. Whatever the size of your hotel, there is a two-way radio solution that will help your staff and management team. As experienced providers of hotel two-way radio communications, We can provide a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

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