How do different brands of intercoms communicate with each other?

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Intercom can not receive signals between mainly because of frequency problems, and the brand of intercom is not directly related. So how to make different brands of intercoms interoperable signal between them?

A. Have the same frequency

Intercom interoperable signal is the premise that the communication frequency set between the pair of machines to modulate into the same. Different brands of walkie-talkies before, some may have the same frequency band, then modulated into the same frequency is possible to interoperate signals. If the frequency band is not the same, we must see whether there is a common frequency value between the intercom frequency band, if there is a common frequency value, then the frequency value is set to the same, the same can be intercom.

Second, the same signal coverage range
Can receive the signal to interoperate. If not in the signal range, even if the frequency is set to the same, but also can not be interoperable. When the signal is insufficient, consider buying equipment to enhance the signal, or stand in a high place, the signal may be better.

Third, the same key
Some advanced intercoms, for the security of communication, will set a security key to communication, only the same key at both ends can be used.

Different intercom brands as long as they meet the above three points at the same time can be signal interoperability, to achieve intercom communication function.

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