How to choose 5W walkie talkie

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The walkie-talkie plays a convenient role in communication in life and work. Different walkie-talkies have different distances and special functions to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Before, we have introduced a lot of walkie-talkie knowledge and how to use it, if you are interested, you can follow us.

Today, I would like to show Chierda 5W radio to you. Why 5W ? The 5W radio is about 3-5km talk distance, so it can meet most of situations use and communication.

Chierda has many different 5W radio, the small size and light radio, the waterproof radio and the keypad dual band ham radio, many different radio for choose.

Because of the limited space, we will introduce one or two hot-selling items this time, if you are interested in others, welcome to our website.

Back to the main text, normal walkie-talkies are divided into UHF and VHF frequencies. UHF is usually suitable for use in cities and buildings, while VHF is suitable for use in wide areas and on sea level.

If this makes it difficult for you to choose, because you will use both. Then you can use Chierda’s dual-segment radio X2UV.

This is a dual-segment walkie-talkie with 5W power, both UHF and VHF, dual display and dual standby, easy to switch frequencies.

At the same time, it also has a keyboard, so you can directly manually enter the frequency and change the menu function, which is very convenient and simple.This walkie-talkie also has FM function, you can also listen to the radio in free time, especially suitable for amateurs.At the same time, thisradio can also be made into a single receiving function, suitable for different people in different scenarios.

If you have any question or detail information want to know, can contact us, so we can talk more clear and show you best price.

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