How to choose the team work radio ?

If you are looking for efficient team communication equipment, then this article is right !

Chierda small and light radio CD-X9 is the one that very suitable for team use.

The Chierda CD-X9 mini walkie talkie has a veriety of shells and colors for your choice.The bright color makes the walkie talkie not easy to lose in the field.The small size can be used as a pocket radio, which is very good for children and team use , like warehouse、security and family outdoor use.It has 2W power and a distance of 1-3km to meet the needs of daily calls.This radio is use USB port to charging,it is easy when you use and charge it.

Also the radio CD-X9 has CE、FCC、IC certifications, it very good for customs clearance,and it can be imported and sold with confidence.And it can be license free radio, you can use it legally.

If you are looking for a walkie-talkie for team use, children’s use, and outdoor use, then you can consider using this walkie-talkie.

If you want to know more different walkie talkie and get the best solution, can follow our company and send us message, We will tailor the most perfect solution for you.

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