How to enhance walkie talkie to long distance ?

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Walkie-talkies are widely needed in various industries, because they can effectively solve the problem of convenient communication, and the cost is low, and there is no need to consider signal, network and other issues.

Limited by the power of the walkie-talkie, the distance of the walkie-talkie is generally about 1-10km. The maximum power of the walkie-talkie is 10W, which can reach 1-15km. This is the maximum power and the intercom distance under the premise of safe use and no harm to human health. .

But in many cases, users will want longer distances, such as 20km, 25km, and 30km, to meet more communication needs.In this case, the professional walkie-talkie team will make a best plan based on the customer’s use place, user population, budget, etc.If you only need to upgrade to 20-30km, you can use Chierda’s 10W high-power walkie-talkie with a 10W mini repeater.

Chierda 10W mini repeater is a portable walkie talkie repeater, it is very easy to carry, you can put it or carry it to everywhere.It has build-in duplexer inside, and the LCD screen and button can help you check the current frequency and CTCSS/DCS very quickly and easy. The button can support you directly change the channels.

If use the 10W mini repeater to working with Chierda 10W walkie talkie, it can reach about 20-30km in city.This kind of match can meet most communication needs. If you already have a walkie-talkie and just want to increase the distance, you can also match this mini repeater, which is economical and affordable. A repeater can communicate with all walkie-talkies.And there are many collocations, which can be used in the car with the car charger; it can be used with backpacks and mobile power supplies, which is very suitable for outdoor teams, outdoor hiking, traveling and other groups.

If you want to know more about the parameters, functions and usage of this repeater, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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