How to increase the talk distance of the walkie-talkie

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1. Switch the power of the walkie-talkie.

Under the same conditions, the greater the transmit power of the walkie-talkie, the farther it can talk. Studies have shown that doubling the power can increase the call distance by 1.4 times. When purchasing a walkie-talkie, you can choose a walkie-talkie with a high, medium and low power selection function. But it is worth noting that the higher the power, the faster the power consumption, so don’t choose high transmit power for a long time.

2. Receiver sensitivity setting

The sensitivity of the receiver is generally set before leaving the factory and cannot be changed. Then we can choose to replace the longer antenna. The longer the antenna, the longer the call distance. If you don’t want to use a long antenna, you can also choose a gain antenna. The higher the gain, the longer the call distance. Oh by the way, when replacing the antenna, you must choose the antenna of the same frequency band.

3. Elevated antenna

If you really don’t want to replace the antenna, putting it up high is also a good option. Under the premise of not increasing the transmit power, each time the receiving and transmitting antennas double, the communication distance can also be expanded to about 1.4 times the original. Generally, the handheld radios with an outdoor communication distance of 3 to 5 kilometers in urban areas, if one of the walkie-talkies is connected to the outdoor antenna on the top of the 5th floor, it can maintain communication with another outdoor use walkie-talkie 20 kilometers away.

4. Choose an open place to talk

The reinforced concrete buildings in the city absorb the radio waves seriously. A walkie-talkie with a nominal communication distance of 3 kilometers in an open area is often used in such a building with a communication distance of only a few hundred meters. Therefore, when using the walkie-talkie brand indoors, you should try to choose the window position, and when using it outdoors, you should avoid the obstruction of surrounding tall buildings or trees.

5. Use with repeaters or IP devices

The repeater can be used with multiple walkie-talkies at the same time, especially suitable for group projects。

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