Introduction and application fields of IP repeater

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1、Introduction of IP Repeater

IP repeater is a repeater that uses the new RoIP technology to transmit the voice signal carried by the traditional repeater radio (Radio) signal through the IP network.

IP repeater can realize local intercom signal relay, through IP network can realize voice real-time and PTT signal transmission without error, no matter in which city, or used in VHF or UHF system, IP repeater can expand the system coverage to any location in the world, easily meet different geographical space, different frequency band, network interconnection to share voice, realize one-touch call, thus solving the problem of transmission distance constrained by transmission environment, transmitting power, receiving sensitivity, etc. in radio transmission, no longer need to worry about the short communication distance and small coverage.

IP repeater through IP network not only realize the purpose of ultra-long distance without repeater network interconnection, through the repeater at the same time can realize the structure of distributed intercom signal coverage system in the towering building.

2、Application areas

(1) Cross-regional long-distance multiparty intercom system network interconnection

①Oilfield, mining intercom system networking coverage in each region

②Forest fire prevention large-scale intercom system network coverage

③Long-distance signal extension for railroad tunnel construction

(2) Small-scale local multiparty intercom system network interconnection

①Large commercial buildings, shopping plazas, underground parking intercom system coverage

② large property district buildings, underground parking intercom system coverage

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