Normal Two Way Radio and Bluetooth Two Way Radio

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Nowadays , two way radios are widely used,for example, smart communities, high-end hotels, clubs, hospitals, prisons and other places are all in use.

There are several shortcomings in its use. One is that you should put the two way radio to your mouth when speaking, and the other is that the two way radio is if you don’t put the two way radio to your mouth, you need to wear a wired earmark on your head. The earmark will drop to the ground because of the line from time to time. If the talking is too long, the fingers will feel numb. These kinds of defects should be restricted by the technology and cost factors at the time.

So the two way radio with Bluetooth has come out.It is not only optimizes and solves several shortcomings of traditional two-way radios, but can also be made into a pure Bluetooth two way radio product, which is the main solution for short-distance communication.

For example, Chierda CD-101plus this radio has Bluetooth version , different than other traditional Bluetooth two way radio, CD-101plus has the Bluetooth chip built-in, you can wear the supplied earmark to match the Bluetooth , then press the PTT button for continue talking , this is to free your hands. You can choose long press PTT button for continue talking or short press PTT button for interval communication.

If you are interested in such bluetooth walkie talkie , please feel free to contact with us.

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