Hidden LED Display Universal FM 340-400Mhz Police walkie talkie Chierda CD-108D

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Torch Light

Powerful torch light, give much brighter at dart situation.

Universal FM

This function can help you decode the other brand walkie talkie data setting, such as frequency and CTCSS/DCS code, so you can match these data to our walkie talkie, and make communication.

Wireless Replication

This function allows clone data from one walkie-talkie to other walkie-talkies of the same model without using programming cable.

Long Standby Time

More than one week standby time.


It is a kind of signaling that working to the current frequency; prevent the interference signal from external walkie talkie.

Frequency Hopping

Special DCS code help your communication more safety


Encryption way to help your voice no interference, to prevent the outside world who have the same frequency no monitoring your voice

Voice Companding

When you in the noise environment, you still can hear clearly when you open this function

Low Voltage alarm

When you are in lower battery capacity ,it will wake you please charge

Battery power saving settings

To save power and extend standby time,you can choose normal battery save mode and super battery mode

Time-out timer

This function is used to limit the user’s time-out transmission on one channel, and also to prevent the walkie-talkie from being damaged due to long-time transmission.


When you use the vox ,the features allow you sending out the voice via speaking volum,free your hand from PTT


The strength of the noise in the received signal is corresponding to the strength of the signal. The stronger the signal, the weaker the noise.

Alarm mode

When you are in the emergency, you can choose local alarm,or remote alarm

Tail Sound Elimination

When this function is off, you will hear the “chap” sound at the end of the communication.

When this function is on, you will not hear the “chap” sound at the end of the communication.  This function is mostly on when connecting to repeater.


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