cd18p license-free walkie-talkie with screen NOAA pmr446/gmrs/frs 10 sets

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Hot Spot:

1.License-free PMR446/FRS frequency
(PMR for European Countries,and FRS for America countries,For other countries, if you want to modify it to a legal frequency suitable for your country, please be sure to purchase a package with a programming cable.)
2.Designed with VOX hands free, supports PTT push to talk and voice activation talking
3.1000mAh li-ion battery can last whole day use once be fully charged; low battery alert function helps you keep the walkie talkies always in power
4.With 1.28 inch screen and Type-c charging cable (1 on 2).


1.Time out timer(TOT)
2.VOX feature
3.Busy Channel Lockout
4.Keyboard Lock (Auto/Manual)
5.Squelch level(0-9 grades)
6.Auto power saving function
7.Audio Compand
8.Monitor function
9.CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
10.Low power indication/alarm
11.Scan function
12.Call ringtone (10 group)
13.2-pin Kenwood accessory port



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