EP8100 Digital Portable Radio

* Full Duplex Communication
* 2.0″HD Transflective TFT LCD Display
* IP68 and MIL-STD-810 Standard Compliance
* DMR Tier ll Conventional and DMR Tier lll Trunking
* Glonass Support

2.0″ HD Transflective TFT LCD Display

Adopts 2.0″ HD transflective TFT LCD display,  allowing good visibility even under outdoor strong sunlight.

High Capacity Battery Design

Equipped with 2400mAh or 3400mAh high capacity Panasonic Li-ion battery to ensure the radio’s usage life.


Built-in Bluetooth(Optional)

Equipped Bluetooth inside radio, ensuring the expanding applications such as BT accessories, BT wirelss programming and other applications.

Built-in Noise Reduction Function (Optional)

Featured with advanced noise reduction which makes the noise suppression be up to 25 dB.

Full- duplex calling (Optional)

Full duplex calling allows for natural and intuitive communications without to push-to-talk.

Built –in GPS (Optional)

Supports to track position information and the GPS data.


DMR Tier  III Support

Supports DMR Tier III just by software upgrade and makes the radio applications more rich and more advanced.


Rich API Support

Rich API supports the user or third party to develop supplemental applications.


IP68 and MIL-STD-810 Standards Compliance

EP8100 is compliant with the MIL- STD -810- G and IP68 (IEC60529)  standard, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh environment.




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