ER9000 Digital Repeater

* 19 Inches, 1U Cabinet Size Design with Power Supply Inside
* 100% Continuous Duty Cycle with 50W High Power Output
* Mixed Mode Multi-site IP Connect to Support Digital and Analog Repeaters
* DMRA  AIS Application Successful Solution
* Upgrade to DMR Trunking and Simulcast Basestation Transceiver

19 inches, 1U standard cabinet size design with power supply inside.



Unique 100% duty cycle at 50W high power output in 1U cabinet.

100000 hours MTBF performance based on military modular design with high reliability.



Supports AC/DC power supply and switches to the backup battery automatically when AC power is interrupted with the built-in float circuit design.


The unique designed mixed mode multi-site IP connect to support digital and analog repeaters up to 64 sites which allows wide area coverage and cross bands communication.

Supports remote diagnosis, maintenance and software upgrade.



Can be upgraded to DMR Tier II simulcast basestation transceiver by software license.



Can be upgraded to Excera Easy Trunk basestation transceiver or DMR Tier III basestation transceiver by software license.



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