HD1GPS Walkie Talkie +IP55 Speaker Mic+Programming Cable+Long Antenna+Battery

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HD1 dual band digital ham radio uses Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Tier 2 Standard protocol. It is compatible with the popular MOTO TRBO series Tier I and II using standard encryption, as well as other makes and models of DMR supported radios. It is also compatible with any existing analog two-way radio operating on the supported UHF and VHF frequencies for easy migration to digital technology. And almost all the operations can be done via radio keypad.

FULL FPP, which can be turned into all functions using the intercom panel without PC.

Up to 3000 channels,100,000 Contacts + 1000 Priority Contacts。 for extremely complex organizational communications.

DCDM is Dual Capacity Direct Mode. Provides additional spectral efficiency by supporting up to two simultaneous Direct Radio-to-Radio Mode subscriber calls within a 12,5kHz allocation of spectrum,without a repeater.

Remote kill/stun/activate, allowing you to remotely manage the intercom.

IP67 dustproof and waterproof. Fearless of dust and Rainstorm.

Supports the use of repeater.

GPS gives you a clear idea of your location even in the wild. Use it to find your way or to help others find you.


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