2.4G Wireless Tour Guide System For F50 Long Distance Multi-scene Application Long Range Communication


This Wireless tour guide system is designed specially for guides and groups. It is a lightweight,multi-channel system that helps tour participants listen directly to the tour guide clearly, enhancing the wireless/effortless presentation effect between guide and participants.

  • One-click frequency matching function allows you to quickly complete the preparation work before explaining. No need to busy one by on
  • One-key mute function helps you to temporarily stop the voice explanation if you need to go out or rest during the explanation
  • One-key shutdown function helps you quickly turn off all receivers after the end of the explanation, improve work efficiency and save time
  • Note: This church translation system does not have an automatic translation function, and requires an interpreter to perform voice transmission to achieve the translation effect


Long communication range:  The transmitter has a transmission range of up to 150 meters in open areas, allowing visitors to view the scenery or take photos at a range of 150 meters from the guide, without having to follow the guide closely to listen to the commentary.

Transmitter mute function: If the guide does not want visitors to hear some noise or irrelevant words, he just needs to turn on the mute function on the transmitter, all receivers will not hear any sound from

Key lock function: When you narrate you usually also need to match physical movements, and these movements can easily lead to accidentally turning off or muting the transmitter. The key lock function allows you to do any body motions at will without worrying about accidentally pressing a button.

Auxiliary function: The microphone jack of the wireless tour guide audio system is also an AUX jack, with an audio cable to connect the transmitter and external devices, receivers can also clearly hear the audio played from computers, radios, MP3 and other audio devices.

Large battery capacity: Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, the transmitter and receiver can work continuously for 12 hours and 18 hours respectively. Even if your exhibition event lasts all day, you don’t need to have any worries.

Turn off all receivers with one click: Turning off receivers one by one after a reception event can be a troublesome task. Especially when there are many receivers, this is a distressing task. However, this feature allows you to turn off all your receivers in less than 3 seconds, which is so user-friendly.

One-click auto-pairing: You don’t need to spend a lot of time adjusting the receiver’s channels one by one to match with the transmitter. The auto-pairing function can synchronize the channels of transmitter and all receivers in less than 4 seconds.

Volume adjustment: Receiver volume can be adjusted from 1 level to 10 levels, even in outdoor areas or manufacturing tour of these loud places, each person can find their own suitable volume.


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