Professional Military Headsets with Noise Reduction chierda C3 woki toki headphones


    The design advantages of C3 Headphone is set into two modules:

     I. Stop noise module 

    C3 headphone is difference with the original stop noise headphone, the ordinary stop noise canceling headphone is do sound-proofing by headphone space to avoid the attack of external plosive eardrum and reduction the sound. However, Chierda Military Headsets with Noise Reduction are critical on the Tactical Communication Headsets and noise reduction, which is means that you can reduce plosive of environment but also can preserving normal voice calls.


    II. Communication module 

    C3 headphone can use tactical headphone to connected with different types of radio equipment including mobile phones. Allowing you to receive commands or keep communication from members when doing test.

    Communications module headphone can be divided into single channel and dual channel versions, that is single-channel is able to connect one radio, dual-channel can be simultaneously connected to two radio equipment. (Note: if the PTT supports two radios, then the number is doubled). Easier to building modern communications command system.

    These two modules are set inside to the headphone at the same time, the user can not only hear the external sound, but also will not be affected hearing by large sound. Meanwhile, you still can receive clear orders when leadership use radio to transmitting.


    Dimension: Ø 36mm
    Sensitivity: 90dB±3dB (Single part)@1Kz
    Impedance: 32Ω±15%
    Frequency range: 420hz-20khz
    Related Power:100mW

    Mic(single microphone)
    Dimension: Ø9.7×6.7mm
    Impedance: 2.2KΩ
    Frequency range: 20-16000Hz
    Operation voltage: 1V-10V

    Diameter: Dual Ø 4.0mm
    Durable temperature: -20°C-90°C

    Life time: 12000times (put in and take out)
    We can offer all kinds of connector.
    Packing and Shipping
    PE bag and small carton box packing. For fast delivery, usually bulk goods are shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS etc, and large quantities depend on customer request.


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