Rugged waterproof walkie talkie-ZL3

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The ZL3/ZL3D series has complete functions and can meet the needs of different people in different scenarios. 10W high power can reach a communication distance of 1-15km, without fear of call obstruction. At the same time, zl3 also has a special function, IP67 waterproof function, and frequency hopping function.

Both ZL3 and ZL3D are 10W walkie-talkies, with a distance of up to 1-15km, and 16 channels can be used at will. At the same time, the standard large battery capacity is 2900mAh, and the standby time can be as long as 290h.

The ZL3 series walkie-talkie has a switch knob, which can be used to easily switch the walkie-talkie and adjust the volume. At the same time, there is also an ultra-bright flashlight, which can be used at will in the dark. The ZL3 series has 2 shells, one is ZL3 and the other is ZL3D.

  1. 10w high power , long range distance
  2. IP67 Waterproof
  3. Normal Voice encryption and enhanced voice encryption function
  4. Voice scrambler function
  5. Voice companding function

Compared with most traditional/market 10W radios, the advantage of this walkie-talkie is that its price is relatively cheap in 10W radios, and it is truly high-quality, cost-effective , and full-featured.

使用场景: Military, public security, security, ambulance, public utilities and other government departments, taxi dispatch, security, property management, construction sites, hotels, restaurants, construction industry and other civilian occasions.

Groups, security, buildings and other people who need to use long distances

It is a 10W high-power walkie-talkie with a long talking distance and a very strong body.The products have passed FCC and CE certification. Large battery capacity and long standby time. It supports IP67 dustproof and waterproof, which can effectively protect the safety of the machine
1.IP67 Waterproof(Optional)
100% IP67 waterproof walkie talkies means it still work well even if being soaked in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes and can resist the harsh environment such as heavy rain and snow;rugged design eliminate the intrusion of dust
2.10W High Power
High power and strong penetrating power of walkie talkies greatly enhance its coverage so that you have accurate transmission
3.4200mah Battery capacity
Enable this radio has far more usage time and service life than other models of the same type
Scrambler Function Unique encryption options to keep your calls from being disturbed by irrelevant signals6.Strong Body We have done a drop test, thrown from our third floor to the first floor, the height is 10 meters, after the test, there is no damage to the product, and you can talk normally. We also use trucks for rolling tests, and the results are the same. We use the best materials, so we have the strongest shell.

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