Self-driving trip essential items – wireless walkie-talkie

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As the pace of life accelerates and long trips are time-consuming and tiring, many people will choose to take a self-drive trip on the weekend. Self-driving trips can be alone, or a small fleet of friends. When multiple vehicles travel together, the command, scheduling and coordination between vehicles is especially important. If to ensure the safety and smooth communication of the fleet in the process of travel, naturally, it is necessary to walkie-talkie!

Self-driving trip, why do you need walkie-talkies?

① fleet of real-time communication for frequent self-driving trip friends, walkie-talkie should be familiar with the communication equipment. We all know that in the self-driving activities, especially the fleet, each car should be equipped with walkie-talkies, and even some vehicles need to be equipped with car stations to ensure the smooth communication between the head and tail vehicles. And in the vehicle equipped with walkie-talkies, not only in the driving process to inform each other of road conditions, car conditions, to facilitate the coordination and scheduling of the fleet. At the same time, when the vehicle travels for a long time, in order to avoid fatigue driving, through the walkie-talkie can remind each other and talk, to maintain a more good driving condition.

② fleet control and instructions as we all know, the distance between the first and last vehicles of the fleet span, if not to maintain real-time communication and information transmission, it is difficult to ensure that the team all the way to the neat. The use of walkie-talkies, can make the captain issued instructions to reach each vehicle in a timely manner, so that the fleet to maintain consistent action, to avoid individual vehicles fall out of line. The leader can use the walkie-talkie to regulate the formation of the convoy, a squadron or two squadrons, the distance between each car is how far, can be directly in the walkie-talkie instructions, the formation of a neat and tidy convoy marching ranks.

③ special location of the application of fleet driving activities in the mountain roads especially need to pay attention to safety. The use of walkie-talkie equipment can remind the front of the road and the meeting situation, the back of the car to know the car can decide whether to indulge in pressure bending or pressure line over the bend. At the same time, every time the head car said the situation, the tail car will catch and say “tail car received”, thus also ensure that the whole team of people’s signal reception no problem.

Self-driving fleet travel precautions

① Before the trip to do a rigorous travel plan, the vehicle will be numbered, the unique number will be affixed to the car.

② before the trip organizers to prepare two walkie-talkie frequency, one is the normal communication frequency, the second is the backup frequency, after the normal frequency encountered interference, the command vehicle timely release instructions to switch to the backup frequency. Must be informed before the trip to use precautions and alternate frequency number and channel.

③ vehicles to maintain a suitable workshop distance between, not too close or too far, pay attention to safe driving. Fleet of vehicles between the content of the call to be concise and clear, do not occupy the frequency for a long time, the intercom call mode is simplex (unlike cell phones are duplex), if you have been pressing the PTT key (transmit key), occupy the frequency chat, the other people can not talk. Of course you can use the same frequency with the broadcast of the repeater, so you can you meet your long call.

④ Fleet try to avoid frequent lane changes, in the highway before the car and the tail car to open the double flash to remind the front and rear vehicles.

⑤ fleet vehicles in the absence of emergency to drive in order of the number shall not overtake each other, shall not overtake other vehicles in the team, the team vehicles overtake each other is not only unsafe and not easy to manage.

⑥In the driving team members can also chat through the walkie-talkie, once the command vehicle issued instructions or an emergency, to stop chatting and let out the frequency.

⑦When using the walkie-talkie, pay attention to the road conditions, to ensure safety, in the turn or through the intersection, do not operate the walkie-talkie.

⑧If there are more vehicles and longer convoys to cross the busy city, communicate with the local traffic police in advance so as not to impede local traffic safety.

⑨ For the walkie-talkie before the trip must be charged, such as long-distance use is best to bring a spare battery or charging equipment.

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