Tips For Using Business Two-Way Radio

  1. Speak clearly and easily to be understood

It’s important to choose words that are easy to understand by all when communicating over two-way radio. Speak slowly and easily to be understood. Use your normal voice. No shouting please. It’s a good idea to think about what you want to say instead of blurting it out.

2. Keep messages short

Get to the point and keep your messages short. This isn’t the time for long-winded water cooler conversations. It’s a good idea to break long messages into sections or parts.

3. Avoid transmitting sensitive or private information

Radio frequencies and channels are shared, therefore, unless you know that a channel is secured with the proper encryption, do not communicate sensitive or private information.

4. Do not interrupt

If another radio user is communicating, wait for the conversation to end. Remember, only one person can talk at a time. Repeatedly pressing the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button isn’t going to get you anywhere. Only emergency messages are allowed.

5. Remember to pause

When you press the PTT button, there may be a short delay before the radio begins to transmit. Before you begin to speak, wait a couple of seconds to ensure the beginning of your message is received.

5. Complete routine radio checks 

In order to receive transmissions, you need to ensure that your radio is functioning properly. Check to ensure batteries are charged and the device is turned on. Make sure the volume is set high enough for you to hear incoming transmissions. Make sure the battery is full of power before use,  and if not you had better charger the battery before use. Regularly check to ensure that you are in range.

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