What are the application scenarios of wireless intercom?

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Wireless intercom achieves the role of freedom of communication in the designated area, without any network restrictions, saving communication costs and improving work efficiency. The use of wireless intercom is very wide, can be used for commercial intercom, civil intercom, car intercom, explosion-proof intercom, railroad intercom and other places, the following detailed introduction for you.

A, the role of wireless intercom
1、Communication freedom

Property companies use wireless intercom system will make the entire work process more quickly know which aspect of the demand, and wireless intercom will not use to the network, so that for the sudden emergence of the network does not give the situation to use the wireless intercom system to communicate more freely, will not appear because the contact staff and lead to a certain work program problems.

2, economical and practical

Because the wireless intercom will not be restricted by the network, so the design of the novel wireless intercom equipment can quickly communicate, so that the whole communication process more let the operating costs reduce and not consume each person’s call costs, more to the company to save costs, while the wireless intercom equipment also has a variety of functions, in the entire work of scheduling command is irreplaceable by other communication tools.

3、Improve work efficiency

The use of wireless intercom equipment can effectively improve the efficiency of each employee, especially for the hotel service industry, as long as anything goes wrong, you can use wireless intercom equipment to call maintenance staff, so as not to waste more time, not only to improve the efficiency of the staff more so that customers are satisfied with the overall service of the hotel. Work efficiency is a topic of concern for every business, so the widespread use of professional and stylish wireless intercom equipment will improve the previous low-work situation.

Second, the use of wireless intercom range
1、Professional walkie-talkie

Professional intercom usually refers to the transmitting power of 4-5W, the frequency range in 136-174MHz or 400-480MHz intercom, the biggest feature of this type of intercom is the call distance, in the case of environmental impact is not much can reach 3-8 km. Professional intercoms are generally used for construction sites, property management, factory workshops and other occasions, the operation is relatively simple, no digital buttons, only two knobs, used to control the number of channels, power and volume.

2、Commercial intercom

Commercial intercom refers to the transmitting power of 0.5-4W, frequency range in the 400-800MHz intercom, the call distance between 800 meters to 8 km. Compared with professional walkie-talkies, commercial walkie-talkies are more lightweight, can access the headset, mostly used in restaurants, shopping malls and other occasions.

3, civilian intercom

Civil intercom refers to the transmitting power of 0.5-1W, the frequency range in 409MHz intercom. This type of walkie-talkie call distance is shorter, compact size, the price is also cheaper than professional and commercial walkie-talkies, usually 300-500 yuan can take, suitable for personal users.

4, amateur walkie-talkie

Amateur walkie-talkie refers to the frequency range in 144-146MHz and 430-440MHz walkie-talkie, is designed for amateur radio enthusiasts, compact size, simple operation, the disadvantage is that the call distance is generally small.

5, explosion-proof walkie-talkie

Production of explosion-proof walkie-talkie brand is very little, the domestic market can only be found in MOTO, WITEX, good easy to pass the three brands. The so-called explosion-proof, refers to the intercom can be in the flammable and explosive environment tools, such as coal mines, gas companies, gas stations and other places.

6、Railway intercom

Railroad intercom refers to the intercom designed for the work of the railway department needs, transmitting power is generally 4-5W, frequency range in 440-470MHz. because the train is very noisy, so the railroad intercom audio output requirements are very high, will be through the voice pressure amplification, so that the call sound quality more clear.

7、Police walkie-talkie

Police intercom is a special equipment for public security system, the frequency range in 350-370MHz or 370-390MHz, no one is allowed to steal and misappropriation in any way. So users in the choice of walkie-talkie, should pay attention to the walkie-talkie transmission frequency range to 400-420MHz or 450-470MHz, to avoid unnecessary trouble.

8, car intercom

The working voltage of the car intercom is 12.5V, the voltage of the car is generally 12V or 24V, so when the car intercom to work in the voltage of 24V car, it is necessary to install a transformer between the car and the intercom. Car intercom transmitting power is larger, generally in 25-50W, signal transmission farther, but can not move at will, can only be fixed in the car to use.

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