What is license free radio ?

License free radio is a kind of walkie talkie,it is a public walkie-talkie that complies with the local regulations of the user, also called a civilian walkie-talkie. License-free walkie-talkies can be used without applying for a license.

Different countries have different license-free requirements. For example, the license-free radio of the United States is called FRS, which requires 0.5W power or 2W power, and the frequency is 462.55-467.7250Mhz. FRS radios have 22 channels available for use.

The license-free walkie-talkie in European countries is called PMR446, which requires a power of 0.5W, a frequency of 446.00625-446.19375Mhz, and 16 channels for use.What FRS radio and PMR radio have in common is that they both require that the walkie-talkie must be a fixed antenna.

Different countries have different requirements for license-free machines. Just as there is another license-free requirement in the United States is GMRS radio, which can do 5W and 30 channels.

Australia and New Zealand’s CB radio is also their specific license-free walkie-talkie, usually 5W and 80 channels, the frequency range is 476.4250-477.4125Mhz.

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