What is PoC? (Also known as iPTT)

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PoC stands for Press-to-talk Over Cellular. It is not strictly a two-way radio technology but behaves very much like one.

PoC is the technique of using the mobile phone network to make calls that behave like conventional two-way radio with instant-access and one-to-many calls but with the advantage of the world-wide coverage of the Cellular phone networks, GSM, 3G, 4G etc.

Key Features;

National and international coverage
If you have access to the 3G or better cellular data then you can talk to your other PoC devices that are also in 3G coverage.

Instant Push-to-Talk calls
Unlike mobile phone calls you push the button and talk. No dialling, virtually instant connection, no waiting for the call to be answered.

One to Many
When you make a call it is heard by all your PoC handsets at the same time unlike phone calls which are usually one-to-one.

GPS mapping.
Many PoC systems allow you to view the real-time location of each PoC device.

How it works.
PoC is essential a software application (client) on a mobile device which talks to a cloud based PoC Server. The Server controls routing of the PoC calls to all the mobile devices in your network. The mobile device can be a dedicated PoC handset, any mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer capable of running the Client App.

Dedicated PoC handset
By far the most convenient device to use is a dedicated PoC handset because functionally it behaves like a two way radio with a PTT button and very loud speaker all in a tough weatherproof housing. Far more convenient to use than a smartphone or tablet which has neither dedicated buttons nor a very loud speaker.

Optional Location Reporting
Many PoC devices have built in GPS receivers and location information from this is reported in real time to the PoC server. This information can be viewed as online mapping using PoC mapping software.

PoC costs
There are three costs to PoC systems.

  1. Hardware costs. The one-off cost of the PoC device.
  2. PoC Server access. There is usually a small annual fee per user to access the PoC network.
  3. SIM card costs. A SIM card with only a data allowance is needed. This can be a single or multi-network SIM. The latter will give best coverage in remote areas.

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