What kind of walkie-talkie should the security industry use

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Security is a kind of industry with its own majesty and sacred power. On the surface, it is a modern security service industry including gatekeeper guard, guard, patrol, personal protection, escort, security check, security training, etc., but it plays an indispensable function and status in protecting people’s lives and property safety and maintaining social stability.

According to the survey, although the security industry only has a history of more than 30 years, its number is huge, penetrating not only every city in China, but also in every corner of the world. In the daily work of security, the particularity of security business requires rapid, timely and accurate information transmission, which determines that walkie-talkies are very common in the daily use of security work.

First , walkie-talkies not only provide reliable information transmission, but also play a deterrent role to criminals, thus ending the possibility of criminal behavior in the first place.

Secondly, in the event o

f an emergency, the intercom can make a group call and interconnect to realize the function of “one call for a hundred responses”.
Third, the intercom can transmit information timely and accurately, which is convenient for the team to report the situation and command and dispatch in time, so as to ensure the complete exchange of instant information.

So everyone will ask what kind of walkie-talkies should the security industry use?

Since the security working environment is usually in the property, community, factory and other places, which are mostly densely built and noisy, the intercom must have a long talking distance and strong anti-interference ability to meet the different security needs of different ranges.

The following four security intercom products launched by Childa are suitable for different needs and different scenarios.

Chierda CD-A8 Walkie Talkie, 10w, (5-15Km) is a professional FM walkie talkie, the shell is made of PC+ABS material, waterproof IP67, anti-fall and other functions, so that the performance and quality of the whole machine can meet your professional communication needs to master the overall situation, is a very professional security walkietalkie.

Chierda CD-108 model, 10w, (5-15Km) strong output power, to ensure a longer call distance and broader signal coverage, with LED light flashlight, VOX voice control, quiet Settings, fully meet the needs of diversified communication, is a security intercom superior work.

According to different needs, it is necessary to choose the suitable type of intercom, but the fierce competition in the security industry is squeezing profits, so that the security industry companies tend to focus on more efficient solutions, cost savings and more intelligent and safe interaction between security personnel, it is very important to choose cost-effective communication solutions to meet the current needs.

As the source factory of a national high-tech enterprise with 34 years of experience in the research and development, production and sales of walkie-talkies, Chierda makes it possible to meet the demands of accurate matching with the demands of walkie-talkies according to the needs of the security industry and lean production technology.

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