What kind of wireless communication equipment can use in transport fleet?

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Recently, the State Post Bureau released the “October 2022 China Express Development Index Report”. The China Express Development Index for October 2022 was measured at 358, an increase of 6.2% year-on-year. With the development of the express industry, the number of transportation fleets is also growing, and thus the role of wireless communication devices in transportation fleets is becoming increasingly important.

Because the use of wireless communication products makes the entire fleet of vehicles communicate smoothly and in an orderly manner, not only can they communicate with each other on driving and road conditions to avoid accidents and improve transport timeliness, but also on long-distance trips, wireless communication equipment can give each individual driver a team atmosphere to avoid them from feeling bored due to long hours of driving alone, thus further preventing fatigue caused by driving accidents.

The first factor that needs to be taken into account when choosing a walkie-talkie is the distance that the communication tool can communicate, because different fleets, the head and tail car distance will pull away a long distance, the number of vehicles with a minimum distance of 1-2 km, the number of vehicles with a long distance of hundreds to thousands of kilometres, so the fleet should choose a walkie-talkie for different distances of communication equipment (such as walkie-talkies, car platform).

Before the fleet is ready to travel, you can pay attention to TIPS:

1, travel plan before the trip, according to the distance of the travel plan, in advance according to the needs of equipped with walkie-talkie equipment, prepare walkie-talkie frequency.

2, fleet travel before planning a good driving route, travel fleet vehicles to maintain a suitable distance between following, avoid frequent lane changes, encounter accidents can be timely interchange.

3, travel before the walkie-talkie check the power, if the long-distance use of the best to bring spare batteries or charging equipment.
Due to the different needs of fleet travel, in order to meet the needs of different scenarios, Childa has introduced wireless communication products suitable for different needs and different scenarios. For example.

1) 1-10 km distance for Childa’s dual band digital intercom – HD1

HD1 is produced in accordance with PDT standard with CTCSS/DCS TONE SQUELCH remote waterproof intercom, in the body structure, using high-level PC + ABS material shell, 10W dual-band digital intercom, using enhanced digital encryption, can reach 3-10km long intercom distance, clear voice calls can reach the military standard, to ensure call security. It supports both digital and analogue modes and supports two group calls on one channel in direct mode; 3000 channels and 20,000 priority contacts, making it easier to call your companions. HD1 also features VFO mode; very easy to learn and use, the 3200mAh battery can be used for 7 days standby for normal use, 2-3 days typical use and 12-16 hours of continued use, in addition, HD1 also has a GPS location function, which can be used to locate the team for emergency assistance in the event of an emergency. In addition to this, the machine is shock and drop resistant and has a professional dust and water resistance rating of IP67, allowing it to perform to advantage in all kinds of traffic roads when faced with all kinds of wind, sand, snow and rain and other harsh working environments to ensure smooth communication.

2) 5000 km distance, suitable for public network walkie-talkie – NB918.

Childa NB918 walkie-talkie, commonly known as “tough guy”, with zinc alloy high-end texture, OLED screen visibility, 4G full network pass dual card free switch, professional speaker high fidelity sound quality, exquisite small golden ratio, LED torch, suitable for outdoor – fleet – logistics and other scenes user needs, large capacity Long-lasting battery life, TYPE-C fast charger – car charger – mobile power – computer charging, currently supports: Bonald, core platform, ZhuoZhiDa, ChaYu, ShanLi, colour available (bronze – ancient gunmetal – time grey – space blue – army green), excellent quality, showing the tough guy style.

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