What to Consider Before Buying a Walkie Talkie for Hunting

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1. VHF radio vs UHF radio

Since both of these frequently available walkie talkies comprise different features, identifying the best match for you is essential. The Very High Frequency (VHF) radio is best for outdoor locations like forests. They can penetrate through trees and foliage so you can carry them over long distances. However, where there is interference by buildings and landscapes, buying them won’t be a good option.

On the contrary, Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio is best where there is a lot of construction. They can penetrate through interference by both concrete or foliage. Therefore, they are more versatile and can be carried out at different searching sites.

One thing to remember is that both the devices are not compatible with each other. So, in case you are buying your walkie talkie in pairs, make sure to buy the same type.

2. The Type and Life of Battery

Your walkie talkie comes with the rechargeable as well as non-rechargeable batteries. If you are hunting at locations near power outlets, going for a rechargeable battery won’t be a bad option. However, for remote locations, walkie talkies functioning on regular AAs or both types of batteries are preferable.

3. Silent Operating

Remaining calm and silent is important while chasing a prey. However, this strive can be interrupted by a beep or any other tune made by your walkie talkie which in result, may alert the prey to run away.

To avoid this, look for a radio that makes little to no noise or can be silenced whenever you want. This feature, though not given much consideration, significantly affects your hunting experience.

4. Durability

Confronting harsh weather conditions, plummeting from the steep slopes or slipping on the moist forest land; this all makes the hunting arduous yet memorable. And to withstand this all, a rugged, good quality walkie talkie is required.

Also, you might face rainy weather during your hunt. Therefore, to overcome such hurdles and distortions, investing on a water-resistant and durable walkie talkie is necessary for your journey.

5. Price Range

Like all other products, the walkie talkies also come in varying prices and options and obviously, the price and features go hand in hand. Yet, buying smartly is an option always available for you.

If you are planning to go hunting in a forest or a mountain for several days, spending money to buy the best walkie talkie is essential. As nothing can be more expensive than the cost of your life.

However, for single day hunting at a site close to civilization, spending a lot would not be a fruitful option.

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