Why Chierda Develop a license-free super anti-fall walkie talkie?

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Chierda R&D research center spent one year, and found that the overseas construction machine market is in strong demand, but the market for walkie-talkie products in the exclusive industry in this field is basically blank.

And because the engineering machine market has extremely high requirements for the accuracy and timeliness of information transmission,

These performance factors directly affect the safety of the user group.

In order to help this group avoid safety performance in operational use,

Meet the requirements of the refined group use of engineering walkie-talkies,

Chierda R&D team aims at the core pain points of the target group,

Created the product T517 to make up for the market vacancy of this product.

T517 has the advantages below :

PMR446 frequency band: no need apply licence, every people can use it .

Double large PTT keys for easy operation, solve the particularity of engineering maintenance groups, conventional walkie-talkies are inconvenient to operate.

Vibration function to avoid information mission: Solve the working environment of the maintenance worker is harsh, and the durability of the walkie-talkie is relatively high. Usually the walkie-talkie is easily damaged and the cost performance is low.                                          
 IP67 ,Floating.   Solve repairman for water work prevents water from becoming unusable or lost after being dropped.

Type-C charging: Meet the trend of charging port design
– SOS One-key function: In case of emergencies, press the button to send help

– NOAA function (For north America): You will know 24 hours weather reports.

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