Why hasn’t the walkie-talkie been replaced by mobile phone?

We all know that the mobile phone is transformed from the original walkie-talkie, and the current mobile phone has surpassed the existence of the walkie-talkie in various functions, but we will find that the walkie-talkie has not been eliminated by the market, but in some places Continue to play its role?

First, the walkie-talkie has its unique user group, such as hotel staff, taxi drivers, and government professionals. Although the functions are similar, the two do not conflict. Many companies will uniformly equip employees in the production chain to meet the needs of operations without or less relying on base stations, because there are many cases where mobile phones have no signal, and walkie-talkies have signals.

Another very important reason is that we can only make one-to-one calls with mobile phones, but walkie-talkies do not have such restrictions. Walkie-talkies can not only communicate one-to-one but also one-to-many, and more importantly, walkie-talkies. The reason why the function is very small and the battery is full is not like the mobile phone will run out after a period of time, and the walkie-talkie is cheap and durable

So to a large extent, walkie-talkies cannot be replaced. The scenarios where we commonly use walkie-talkies include ship transportation, mining, engineering installations, and many more. These types of work have one of the biggest characteristics. The working environment is often in a place where the signal is not good, and the working range is not particularly large, and it is often in a characteristic area. At this time, the mobile phone is not very convenient. The walkie-talkie does not have this disadvantage at all, because the walkie-talkie does not need the presence of a base station.

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