Why it is hard to answer the question about the talking distance of walkie-talkie?

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When we purchase walkie-talkies, we like to ask about the communication distance of walkie-talkies. In fact, this question is difficult to answer.

That’s because in the region of wireless communication, there is no technical parameter of “distance”, there are too many factors that can affect the long-distance transmission of wireless signals. Generally use two frequency bands 130-170mhz; 400-470mhz, which are also the frequency range legal for individuals or units. Under normal circumstances, these two frequencies are transmitted in a straight line. The sea is an ideal communication environment for radio walkie-talkies on the earth. There are generally no obstacles and little interference, but in fact, hand-held walkie-talkies at sea can only communicate with about 20 nautical miles, that is because the earth is round, and if the distance is too far, the middle will be blocked by sea water. (So the higher the antenna is, the longer the call distance will be)

Usually when it used in cities, obstacles are the factors that have the greatest impact on the signal propagation distance. The actual call distance of a professional walkie-talkie with a power of 5 watts in the city is generally only within the range of 2 to 5 kilometers. In the high ground, more buildings or indoor, the call distance will be shorter. However, when supported by the system base station, the talk range of the walkie-talkie can reach more than ten kilometers or even dozens of kilometers (if both walkie-talkies are at high places, it can also reach more than ten kilometers).

The 0.5W walkie-talkie sold on the market has a nominal maximum talking distance of 3 kilometers. In fact, this distance is only a theoretical calculation data.,maximum distance without electromagnetic interference. In fact, due to the different environments of users, such as the background noise and the electromagnetic interference, the actual call distance is generally less than 3 kilometers. Many users often mistakenly think that they are used in cities when they buy walkie-talkies, and the call distance can reach 3 kilometers, which is unlikely! It is impossible for any manufacturer to predict the user’s usage environment, and of course it is impossible to give the actual call distance. )

So regarding the communication distance of walkie-talkies that we often pay attention to, I think this answer is the most objective:

A. Handheld walkie-talkie: 5 watt professional radio: 2000-5000 meters; 2 watt radio: 1000-3000 meters; 0.5 licence-free radio: 200-1500 meters.

B. Mobile radio (usually around 25 watts): 5-15 kilometers.

C. When there is network support, such as the installation of repeaters or cluster networking, the communication distance can be greatly increased.

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