Why Two-Way Radios Are Necessary In Schools

Throughout the entire school day two-way radios serve an assortment of purposes on campuses all around the nation. Daycare centers, elementary schools, high schools and even colleges rely on two-way radio technology. There are so many benefits to two-way radios for schools; here are 4 of the most important of all.

  1. Directing School Traffic Made Easy

School traffic is a staple in life. Everyone arrives around the same time making campus parking lots and adjoining streets unavoidably congested. It’s not just automobiles that need to be properly directed; at the start and end of any school day there are plenty of pedestrians out on the street as well, largely including kids. Campus traffic directors must keep everyone moving in the right direction while also looking out for the safety of often-unpredictable kids.

Two-way radios help make communication easier amongst traffic directors so that everything flows smoother. The benefits of two-way radios help to reduce the risk for error, and help speed up the pick-up and drop-off process.  If there is an issue out on the road two-way radios offer a quick way to contact a teacher, staff or school nurse without leaving the job at hand.

  1. Keep Classrooms Safe

Nowadays more schools are starting to equip each classroom with two-way radios so that teachers have access to a broad communication system in the instance of an emergency.  If a classroom is put on lock down, or if a storm or tornado blows into town, individual teachers need reliable communication to protect their classroom of kids. Equipping all staff with two-way radios offers the perfect way to quickly get in touch with everyone at one time, something no phone system can offer.

  1. School Bus Communication

School bus drivers also rely on two-way radios to communicate with school officials as well as other drivers. Take off and arrival time, traffic issues or problems with a particular student on board the bus can all be communicated to the appropriate personnel via two-way radio.

  1. Enhanced Campus Security

Every campus has a number of hallway monitors and other security personal on staff to ensure safety. There are many instances when a two-way radio comes in handy, for example if there is an unknown intruder on campus.

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