Why you need a portable repeater on your farm

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Compared with mobile phones, because walkie-talkies can communicate directly without resorting to any external signals, with low cost, simple operation, support for high-frequency calls, and durability, walkie-talkies are widely used in agricultural communications. However, in actual use, we usually face the trouble of ineffective communication caused by the weak signal of the walkie-talkie or the limited distance. At this time, we need a repeater to work for the solutions.

Repeater plays a relay role in the process of radio signal transmission. The use of a repeater can usually extend the radio’s call range and cover signal blind areas. For farmers, the repeater is an indispensable communication aid. tool. 

What will the portable repeater help you on your farm?

Covers the blind area of the communication signal of the farm.

Whether it’s amateur farms and small-scale producers or large-scale commercial farms covering thousands of acres of farmland or pasture, walkie-talkies are the most common communication tool. For the actual farm environment, ordinary FRS-free handheld The talk distance of walkie-talkies is usually about 2.0km. GMRS hand-held walkie-talkies will have a better talk effect, usually about 3km, while the talk distance of mobile carts used by agricultural machinery and tractors is usually about 10km. However, in the actual use process, because of the complex use environment of the farm, such as hilly areas or densely planted areas, there are often signal blind areas, that is, the walkie-talkie cannot receive the signal, and the addition of a relay solves this problem. problem.

Extend the communication distance between two way radios.

For GMRS walkie-talkies commonly used in farms, it is very useful for the use of Handheld two way radio or mobile GMRS two way radios. And you don’t have to worry about regulations and other issues, because this is allowed by the FCC.

Realize communication between farms.

Communication between farms is usually also an important part of daily communication. For farmers who own multiple farms at the same time, realizing communication between farms and achieving overall management can greatly improve the communication efficiency of farm work. Relay can help you achieve this goal.

Which repeater should you choose for your farm?

The choice of the repeater is mainly based on the call distance and special functions you want the system to reach for your farms.

Mini repeater for the ordinary signal relay, Chierda V9 mini repeater:High cost performance, mini portable, can meet the internal needs of small and medium farms:

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