Farm Communication Solution 10W Radio Repeater 30km

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High quality handheld walkie talkie

Chierda V9 is a high quality 10W hand held walkie talkie,also the best selling model of 10w analog radio. Because its High-capacity battery, Long standby time, no screen, resistant falling and scrambler function to ensure the communication confidentiality, it is widely used in business meetings, Farm,schools, transportation, warehouses, etc.

High quality Chierda V9 mini repeater

Chierda V9 is a hot selling analog mini repeater, simple and convenient installation, flexible operation, can be operated as fixed or mobile. It is specially designed to extend the talk distance of handheld walkie-talkies, and focus on it. Once produced, it has been highly praised by customers, and product sales have been rising.

Aluminum Alloy Omni-Directional Base Station Receiving and Transmitting Antenna:

Omni directional base station antenna, with high gain, wide bandwidth, low standing wave ratio, waterproof, anti – corrosion with high strength and high quality aluminium alloy package, strong wind resistance characteristics, is a kind of ideal communication antenna, antenna design style, easy disassembly and assembly and convenient use.

15m Pure Cupper Low Loss Coaxial Extend Cable

15m lenght Pure copper feeder cable, specially customized for Chierda V9 relay repeater, can be used directly, without adapter, super Gainer Low Loss signal, make your radio signal stronger and cover wider.


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