CD-318 Small Body Transmitter 3km Range 2W Walkie Talkie


Highlights of cd-318:

1. cd-318 is a license-free analog handheld two way radio,different version of licence-free radio to meet the requirment of every country.
2. With a compact, ergonomics design,comfortable for hold in hand.

3. 50 CTCSS 210 DCS avoid hearing on the same channel extra call.

4. cd-318 features a time-out timer (TOT) to avoid inadvertent continuous operation.

5. Vox function,No need to press PTT to launch,particularly apply to some hands-free occasions,such as holding objects,working or driving.

6:Scan function,can have all the frequencies,you can find other communication is the other radio.

7.Squelch function,Strictly filtering out excessive background noise,Setting it to improve the call quality at different geographical conditions and environment.

8.Scarmbler function.The scramble feature makes your transmissions sound garbled to anyone listening without the same scramble code.It does not guarantee confidentiality,but it adds an extra layer of privacy.

9. Programmable via PC, you are able to customize the feature of each radio.


VOX function

Scan function


DCS encrypt

Busy Channel lockout(BCL)

Adjust squelch level


Time-out timer (TOT)

Battery save


Voice companding function

Hopping Frequency

Special DCS code help your communication more safety


Encryption way to help your voice no interference,to prevent the outside world who have the same frequency no monitoring  your voice

Voice Companding

When you in the noise environment,you still can hear clearly when you open this function

Low Voltage alarm

When you are in lower battery capacity ,it will wake you please charge

Battery power saving 


To save power and extend standby time

Time-out timer

This function is used to limit the user’s time-out transmission on one channel, and also to prevent the walkie-talkie from being damaged due to long-time transmission


High quality crisp clear sound ensure team members communications more understandable and efficient; Featuring VOX functions totally provides hand free talks


The strength of the noise in the received signal is corresponding to the strength of the signal. The stronger the signal, the weaker the noise.

Alarm mode

When you are in the emergency ,you can choose local alarm,or remote alarm


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