IP54 Waterproof Speaker Microphone

    2 Pin Two Way Radio Speaker Mic

    Portable handheld shoulder mic

    This walkie talkie shoulder speaker microphone featuring waterproof protection against rain, dust, snow, and shock. Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Biking and other outdoor activities. Kenwood Standard 2 pin plug type (K1 Head) fit well on your radios, plug and play. Sensitive mic transmit and receive high-quality audio to amplify the transmitting and listening experience.

    Long Life

    Advance material extremely make the speaker mic last long without issue. Providing clear loud audio, the sensitive mic pick up your voice as well block the background noise.

    Handheld Microphone

    Slide PTT button allows push to talk for hands free calls; It’s big, durable and sensitive, even you wear glove, that you could easy to operate it.

    Strong Cord


    Diameter: φ5.5mm

    Meterial: PU

    Durable temperature :-30℃-120℃

    • The remote speaker microphone with kenwood standard k head plug work with Baofeng UV-5R BF-888S BF-F8HP Retevis H-777 RT27 RT22 H-777S RT-5R RT-5RV , Kenwood, Chierda, TYT and more; all functions work correctly with radios
    • Rotating clip can be clipped on to shoulder or anywhere you need it and makes it safer and more convenient to communicate with others; easier to communicate both talking and listening for handsfree communication
    • Rugged design kevlar reinforced cord with tensile resistance≥10kg can be stretched more than enough for long life using
    • Sound quality inbound and outbound is crystal clear and loud enough to hear over the engine; radio and open windows; handy size can in a pocket on backpack during outdoor activities
    • Excellent for use in police; military; nightclubs; bars; paintball; security; restaurants; hotels; bouncer; warehouses and outdoors


    Compatible Radios:

    Retevis:H-777/RT21/RT22/RT-5R/RT-5RV/H-777S/RT1/RT2/RT5/RT7/RT15/RT17/RT18/RT19/ RT23/RT26/RT27/RT28/RT43/RT46/RT50/RT52/RT53/RT56/RT67/RT68/RT71/RT76/RT80/RT81

    Baofeng:UV-5R Series, BF-F8HP,UV-82 Series,UV-82C,UV-82H,BF-480/490/320/V6/520/530/999/888/666S/BF-888S and more

    Arcshell AR-5/AR-6

    Kenwood KPG: KPG27D,KPG29D,KPG48D,KPG49KPG75D,KPG77D, KPG82D,KPG87D

    Kenwood TH: TH-D7,TH-D7A,TH-D7AG,TH-D7E,TH-F6,TH-F6A,TH-F7,TH-F7E,TH-G71,TH-G71A,TH-G71E,TH-K2,TH-K2A,and etc

    Kenwood TK: TK-208/308,TK-220/320,TK-240/340,TK-240D/340D,TK-248/348,TK-250/350/353,TK-260/360,TK-260G/360G,TK2207,TK3207,TK-2160/3160 and etc

    Kenwood NX: NX-5200/5300/5400/200411/00/800H/800/720(G)and etc

    Fit Linton:


    Fit HYT: TC286 386 2685 3865 6685/TC 278 378 388

    Package includes: 1 x Retevis IP54 Waterproof Speaker Microphone

    Package includes:

    1  x CD-9127M IP54 Speaker Microphone


    Please note: this speaker mic CANNOT work with Motorola, Midland talkabouts.More specific models please check description list



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