What is NOAA function on a two way radio?

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NOAA means”National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. ”, a radio with NOAA function will receive National Weather Service (NWS) broadcasts 24/7, the NOAA walkie talkie will broadcast information about the weather, such as hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquake, etc. 

With the development of production and life, walkie talkies are used in all aspects of life, such as drivers, workers, police, etc.No doubt it’s the icing on the cake to have NOAA walkie talkie. Imagine if you encounter natural disasters, network terminals, can’t watch mobile phones and TV. Use NOAA walkie talkie, you can communicate with people and listen to the radio for protection. So it is very useful in daily life. 

Chierda latest out-door walkie talkie CD-18P and JV01 both have NOAA weather function  on their FRS version. It is available in US & Canada. NOAA and Environment Canada both have launchers broadcast .Forecasts and other information 24h a day throughout us and Canada.

Our radio can be set to respond to NOAA weather broadcasts emergency messages,a special alarm will sound and turn on the weather receiver to provide with immediate weather and emergency information.

Chierda NOAA radio is license-free radio, you don’t need a license to operate, it can be used by everyone. Compared with mobile phones, a walkie talkie is the most cost-effective choice. If you have any questions, please contact Chierda directly.

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