Goose Tube+Foldable Military Antenna SMA-Male Connector Dual Band 144/430MHz 31inch/790mm Antenna

    Main Function Features

    Gain: 5.2dBi

    Max Power: 20W

    Impedance: 50

    VSWR: 1.5

    Length: 31.1 inches(790mm)

    Connector: SMA male Ham Radio Tactical Antenna. Widely used on handheld Radios with SMA female interface

    Package includes:

    1*BNC Tactical Antenna

    Compatible with Two-way handheld radio:
    VX-1R, VX-2R, VX-3R, VX-3E, VX-5R,VX-177, VX-170, VX-7R,VX-6R, FT-60R, VX-210, VX-210A, VX-300, VX-400, VX-410, VX-414,
    VX-417VX-420, VX-424, VX-427, VX-10, VX-14, VX-17, VX-110, VX-130, VX-131, VX-132, VX-150, VX-151, VX-152, VX-160, VX-180, VX-500,
    VX-510, VX-520, VX-800, VX-8DR, VX-8GR, VX-230, FT-277R etc.

    PX-325, PX-333, PX-2R, PX-V6 PX-A6 PX-359 PX-358 PX-325.

    TH-2R, TH-F5, TH-F8, TH-UVF9, TH-UV3R, TH-UVF8D, TH-UVF9D, TH-UVF1, DM-UVF10, MD-280, MD-280 PLUS, MD-380, MD-390, TH-446, MD-680,
    TH-UV8000D, TC-3000A, TC-3000B, TC-3000S, TH-UVF11, etc.



    KG-UV6D, KG-UV6D PRO, KG-UV8D, KG-UV8D Plus etc

    UV-3R UV-100 UV-200


    IC-F50V, IC-F50, IC-M88 IC-F51ATEX, IC-t90A.

    If you radio model is not in this list and you don’t what kind on antenna your radio needs, please email us, we will try our best
    to help you.

    –Service industry (restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, high-speed rail, etc.)

    –Warehouse, transportation, logistics, etc.
    –Public Safety Industry
    –Construction industry, manufacturing industry, etc.


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